Gestalt-therapist, psychotherapist

Welcome to my homepage!

I give individual therapy and couple counseling.

I’m trained gestalt-therapist (Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia, Denmark 2005).

I’m authorized psychotherapist by VALVIRA (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, Finland).

In my practice we can find the solutions for following themes, questions and symptoms:

Basic trust and the lack of it, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relational problems, acute crisis, bipolar disorder, neurotic patterns, post-traumatic stress, sexual orientation, sexual identity etc.

In gestalt therapy the emphasis is on seeking your true and authentic self. This is a combination of experiencing self, feelings and ruling life with awareness. So often the life becomes “as if”, determined by the others from the past and in the presence. Life may appear as a social game, which influences the way of actions, emotions and whole being. In therapy it is possible to find one’s own energy and courage to aim towards a life, which feels own.

Individual therapy: 60 min / 90 €

Couple counseling: 90 min / 135 €

From 1.1.2016 onwards KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) supports each visit hour with 56,70 € regardless of age. The deductible is € 32.40.

Please feel free to contact me for further information and booking!

Altti Outinen
gestalt-therapist, psychotherapist
+358 40 565 1162

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